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S/V Flying Fish


FLYING FISH is for sale – a unique and custom built beautiful blue water boat awaiting new adventures!

For more information and inquiries or offers, contact Alec Brainerd, boat builder and broker at ARTISAN BOATWORKS, Rockport, ME. Call 207.542.0372 or or 207.236.4231 –office. Listing can be found on

Roger Robinson in June 2021 at newsletter says: Jack Bassett has decided to part with his exquisite boat Flying Fish V230 which he launched in 2010. Perhaps the most perfectly constructed Vertue in existence, Flying Fish has completed an Atlantic circuit from her home waters on the east coast of the USA. The asking price is $100,000, but try building a new Vertue for that price………

About the boat by builder/owner Jack Bassett: The Vertue design, created in the 1930s by British designer, J. Laurent Giles, is the quintessential small off-shore boat. Having built or repaired many boats and yachts during my working career, I chose to build a Vertue for myself using cold molded hull construction. After more than 8 years of building we sailed her across the Atlantic and back ten years ago. Now we sail the Maine waters. This boat handles well and heaves to nicely, making her an all over well balanced boat. The Vertue is a tried and true blue water sailboat with a long and storied history. Flying Fish is Vertue #230. Now, she is for sale.

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Our story:  After a wonderful 14-month trip on S/V Flying Fish across the Atlantic Ocean and back in 2010-11, we were preparing for another crossing trip in 2020-21 when the COVID pandemic hit world wide. Unfortunately, most (all) of the countries we wanted to explore were closed to us and other cruisers.

View some photos of our adventure from 2010-11 to see how well this blue water sailboat performed. We visited the the Azores, Portugal, Spain, Madeira & Porto Santo, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, and crossed the Atlantic to Grenada and up the beautiful islands in the Caribbean, sailing back to the US from the Bahamas clearing into Charleston, SC and then up the east coast exploring some of the Intercoastal Waterway and all of the Great Dismal Swamp, sailing downeast back to Maine where we started. Great places, great experiences, and great people, even including a brush with Hurricane Irene. S/V Flying Fish has been plying the Canadian and Maine coastal waters since then.

Check out the different pages here to learn more about the boat and our adventures.

Thanks goes to Carolyn’s wonderful friend, Glenn, for help with this website. Thanks, Professor!